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2 Most Common Problems Keeping You from Buying a Home

Today is probably the best time to buy a home in a lifetime, but there is a problem. You may be experiencing the frustration of talking to banks today, it seems like the lending standards and credit scores required to qualify change every day. Home prices are more affordable than they’ve been in decades and mortgage rates are at all time lows. Even if you were able to qualify 3 years ago, and even if your credit score has not changed, you may not be able to qualify today. There are 2 main reasons why people are not able to buy a home, but there is also hope and the American dream of home ownership might still be within your reach.

Top 7 Benefits of Home Ownership, Part 3

Would you like to know how you can make a quarter of a million dollars by sleeping? Well, keep reading. The last few years have been really difficult for the real estate market, and many people are wondering if now is really a good time to buy a home or not. Many other people want to buy a home, but are stuck in the rent trap because the banks continue to tighten their lending standards and shut people out who would have qualified only a few short years ago. This article will discuss the Top 7 benefits of owning a home versus renting. In Part 1, we saw that homeowners enjoy steady payments helping them fight against inflation and the wonderful tax savings we can have by being able to deduct the mortgage interest from our regular income. Then, in Part 2, we looked at the benefits of building equity. In Part 3, we’re going to put it all together and see the phenomenal difference the tax benefits and equity build up can make on your family wealth. So, now we are ready for benefit #5:

Taking Back a Second Mortgage

"Taking back" a second mortgage when you buy a home and the seller “loans" you some of the money they need in order to buy the property

Foreclosure- Don’t Lose Your Home to Foreclosure Like Octomom

Real Estate Investors Solve Housing Problems

An investor can actually save a house from foreclosure.

Anatomy Of A Foreclosure

There are certain steps that Foreclosures follow in most states. If you are going to play the game, you got to know the steps.

"Big Brother" is Watching YOU! New (BAD) Legislation Coming Your Way

Well, it seems that with everything you do right, there's always someone else doing it wrong, do it badly, or doing it illegally. Enter Big Brother... the well-intentioned leglislator who wants to get re-elected by passing a law that protects the innocent from bad people or from their own stupidity.

The Mortgage Elimination "Scam"

You've seen the emails: "Legally eliminate your mortgage" Can this possibly be true? Well, I've read the claims and researched the law and here's what I came up with.

Understanding the Mortgage Loan Market

The mortgage business is a complicated and ever-changing industry. It is important that you understand how the mortgage market works and how the lenders make their profit. In doing so, you will gain an appreciation of loan programs and why certain loans are offered by certain lenders.

Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Banker

Many consumers assume that “mortgage companies” are banks that lend their own money. In fact, a company that you deal with may be either a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker.

Which Mortgage Should I Choose?

Key Questions to Ask Yourself and Lenders When Shopping for a Mortgage!

Twenty Terms You Must Know and Understand Before You Sign Off On Your Mortgage!

To ensure that you have complete confidence during your home loan process, invest a moment to read this report and become familiar with the concepts and terms you’ll encounter.

Secrets Lenders Don’t Want You to Know!

The right or wrong decision when signing your home mortgage can mean thousands of dollars difference in interest paid. There are very important considerations to evaluate before you commit to a 15 or 30 year note.

The Nine Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Obtaining a Home Mortgage!

You are about to make what will most likely be the largest transaction of your life: your home mortgage. Unfortunately, many homebuyers do not take the time to research some of the little but weighty intricacies of mortgages.

Private Mortgage Loans Provide a Short-Term Financing Alternative

Private mortgage loans are made by private lenders instead of traditional financing sources such as banks, lending institutions, or government agencies.