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1. Locating property

A.  Know what to look for

B.  How to fill out the information sheet with the seller

C.  How to find the owner of a vacant house

2.    Constructing a deal & exit strategy

A.  Buy with a option and why

B.  Buy with all cash and how to raise the cash

C.  Buy with owner finance

D.  Getting the deed on a house

E.   Selling for cash

F.   Selling with owner finance and with lease option

3.    Contracts

A.  Filling out a buy & sell contract

B.  Filling out a option contract and attached paper work

C.  Get the deed signed and all the paper work that has to be attached with it

4.    Presenting the deal

5.    Finalizing the deal

6.    Marketing

7.    Closing the deal

     8. Basic business fundamentals


There will be a two hundred ($200.00) fee per month for this mentorship program. You will receive one (1) hour of training per week with telephone coaching when you need it. I will hold your hand in learning everything you need to know about making money in real estate. You can make money while your learning. The first (1st) two (2) deals we do together you will receive twenty percent (20%) of the profit. The second (2nd) two (2) deals we do together you will receive thirty percent (30%) of the profit and the third (3rd) two (2) deals we do together you will receive forty (40%) of the profit and the forth (4th) two (2) deals we do together you will receive fifty (50%) of the profit and be then you should be ready to go. Once out on your own or we can continue 50/50 as long as we agree.