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We are a real estate investment company. In order to help as many people as we can achieve the dream of home ownership, that means we also have to buy as many properties as we can. We have been in this business for eight years, and companies don't stay in this business long if they give out low-ball offers for properties. We will not do that, regardless of the bad reputation this type of business has gotten due to the dealings of other less ethical investors. We only offer fair market value depending on location, type of property, and maintenance issues. Those are the main factors that determines our price we are willing to pay for a certain property. Our main focus is pure customer satisfaction. We make our money by helping sellers sell, and buyers buy. We get creative when structuring our deals, and our only goal is to construct a deal that makes the seller happy, the buyer happy, and our investment company happy. Give us a shot, and I guarantee we'll do everything we can possibly do to make selling your property less stressfull and less of a chore. You just enjoy life, and let us do the work.

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We are asking for a lot of information in the Contact Information area. The reason is simple. If we are working with you in regard to a property, timing is frequently what makes a transaction happen. If we can't reach you to ask or answer a critical question, a potential opportunity might be lost. Don't worry, we will never bother you with unimportant issues and we will carefully respect and protect your privacy.
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